Commitment to society

The collaborations and contributions made to other entities do not always imply a direct economic disbursement or contribution to them, but they are considered indirect contributions to the company, through the provision of the time of its employees in their dedication to them.

Business partnerships

Department of Metallurgy and Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Bilbao, Fracture Mechanics Department of Cantabria University, Lortek, Azterlan, Tecnalia and Aimen Technology Centers, and  several suppliers we work with for mutual benefit.

Sectoral partnerships

Basque Energy Cluster, Biscay Federation of Metal Companies, Biscay Business Confederation, Basque Maritime Industries Association, The Basque Maritime Forum, and others aimed at the promotion of sustainability, employability, training and contribution to society. All of them allow us to be in contact with the leading companies in the sector with which we promote and encourage economic growth in the iron and steel sector and associated activities, those related to lifting machinery and other auxiliary activities, as well as the full development of business and industrial activities in the maritime sector.

Management, excellence and business sustainability

Spanish Global Compact Network, Euskalit – Advanced Management, IZAITE – Association of Basque Companies for Sustainability, IHOBE – Basque Ecodesign Center and AEC – Spanish Association for Quality. With them, we grow in competences and skills and acquiring and gaining knowledge and best business practices to ensure the sustainability and future of Vicinay Sestao.

Training and employment

The Ahalbidetu Association, the Novia Salcedo Foundation, the School of Engineers Foundation, the University of the Basque Country, as well as other universities and educational centers in the Basque Country to promote and boost employment.

Boosting business innovation and knowledge

Innobasque – Basque Innovation Agency, EIC Energy Advanced Engineering Foundation, BASQUE ENERGY CLUSTER and Spanish Association of Non Destructive Testing.

High Tech Company

We develop our activity safely, innovative and socially responsible enabling sustainable growth.