Our Company

Vicinay Sestao

Vicinay Sestao develops its activities in the global offshore markets, providing solutions for the mooring of floating structures in the offshore world. Mainly in the extraction, exploration and production of oil and gas, and in the generation of renewable wind energy through floating wind turbines.

We design, manufacture and deliver high-added value products and services, adapted to client’s needs and directed at the offshore exploitation and production industry and also floating offshore wind.

Our goal is to develop our activities in a safe, innovative and sustainable manner with regards to environmental, social and economic aspects, with the purpose of collaborating in the welfare of future generations.

We base our future on the belief that our organisation is a recognised reference in the world for its Safety, Quality, Management and Innovation.

The Group

Vicinay Sestao belongs to Vicinay Marine, the first producer of mooring lines worldwide, and provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of each client. 200 years of experience have made Vicinay Marine the world leader in the supply of mooring lines for the offshore industry.

Our people

We have a team of dedicated people that can adapt and handle diversity and change to achieve business goals, as well as providing our company with a meeting point as well as a sense of satisfaction to our people, clients, investors and other stakeholders

Mission, Vision and Values


Vicinay Sestao focuses its business project:

  • In the manufacture and delivery of products and services tailored to each client and their needs, and, primarily oriented towards the offshore industry.
  • Developing its activities in a results-oriented, safe and innovative way, and increasing its competitiveness in order to make the company sustainable.
  • Based on the ability and professionalism of people without discrimination and in collaboration with our stakeholders.
  • Projecting ourselves from Bilbao – Bizkaia to the world.


Vicinay Sestao builds its future:

  • Making our organization a common project that satisfies our people, clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  • With a professional, qualified and versatile team, capable of adapting to change in order to meet the needs of the market and achieve business objectives.
  • With the hope that our company will be recognised as a preferred supplier in the market due to its many competitive advantages



As a right and with the personal and collective responsibility to work in a way that avoids damage to people, work equipment and the environment.


Treat people with their professional and personal values in mind.


As a commitment to the Organisation and to people. Being in and with Vicinay Sestao and sharing the future in a team is a satisfaction for the people who participate in the project.

Sustainable growth

Both technological and human, and that generates results in a way that allows us to secure the needs of future generations.


As people’s commitment to knowledge, lifelong learning and the application of emotalent to provide products and services that give value to People, Clients and the Organisation.


Ethical behaviour of individuals and the organization through professionalism, honesty and consistency.


Vicinay Sestao received within the European Environmental Awards – Basque Country Section 2019-2020, the Award for Sustainable Development Management, in recognition of its management based on the Life Cycle Analysis of its products.

Vicinay Sestao got the Diploma in Advanced Management after external assessment carried out by Assessors Club of Euskalit in 2015.

By awarding this diploma the BASQUE GOVERNMENT wishes to acknowledge the effort made to achieve this milestone, and also encourages the management and people of the above named organization to continue along the path towards business Excellence.

High Tech Company

We develop our activity safely, innovative and socially responsible enabling sustainable growth.