Vicinay Marine Innovation was launched in 2010 as a research, development and technical services company within the Vicinay Marine group, a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of mooring chains and accessories for the oil, gas and marine industries.

Vicinay Marine Innovation’s main activities are the development of new products and materials and the innovative use of technology and know-how to offer a wide range of value added services in the creation of mooring systems in addition to on-site inspection, analysis and post-removal of all our mooring systems worldwide.

Quality Management

At Vicinay Sestao we work continuously to offer high quality and state-of-the-art products that meet our clients’ needs.

The implementation of robotization and automation in the manufacturing process has led to improvement in repeatability and improved quality.

Certifications System Management:

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Commitment to safety

All production facilities comply with the European Union’s safety regulations and in so doing contain a CE Marking, thus being the only chain factory fully certified by the CE.

Improvement in Ergonomics and Safety: Robot and Automation improvements have been implemented in all facilities to reduce risks related to the safety and ergonomics of people.

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Environmental Management

Respect and care for the environment are postulated as one of Vicinay Sestao’s objectives.

The ISO 50001 certification evidences our concern for energy management.

Energy Efficiency Certificate

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Climate Declaration

Vicinay Sestao has obtained the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a document that verifies and certificates our R4, R4S and R5 quality chains.